LEGO Biker Costumes – Jeff & Cindy J.

LEGO Costume   LEGOGuys lego man costume LEGO COSTUME BlockGuys Bikers
Hi, guys…it was a lot of work, but we did it. Took us a couple weeks. We won third place with these at a major bash. We were beat out by a Family Guy family and a Toy Story group.

We couldn’t take ten steps without people mobbing us and telling us how great our costumes were and how much they loved them…we told them…!

I got the idea from one of my son’s lego guys, but I am very glad you did it first. My husband and I were sitting around trying to figure out how the heck we would go about making a lego man, when I found your costumes online. The instructions were awesome.

One note for your instructions you might be interested in, I found posterboard that won’t wrinkle. It’s called Terraskin and it’s actually made from stone granules and doesn’t absorb water. We used this paper only for the heads and front of the bodies as it is about 4.00/sheet (the sheets were extra large too).

Anyway, it was great. We felt like movie stars. I actually had to close my eyes when people were taking pictures because of the constant camera flashes lol.

Pics attached LEGO Costume   LEGOGuys lego man costume LEGO COSTUME BlockGuys Bikers

Jeff and Cindy J.
Alberta, Canada

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